Pooh Bear isnt the only one who likes honey

Curly top

I have curly hair. I am natural (no perm or chemicals to make my hair straight) and have only been for almost 2 years. October 12, 2012 I cut all my straight hair off and started learning how to deal with my hair again after having processed my hair for 12 years to make it straight. In the quest to try new things I came across several hydrating techniques for curly and wavy hair. Honey!!!

Yes the stuff you put in tea, it’s in some brands of candy corn (yummy) and bees go crazy for it!!


MY favorite deep conditioner to hydrate my curls is simply a variation of this recipe I found months back. I dont measure I just gage how much I think I need then if its not enough add more. Apply to clean damp hair. All you need is

  • honey
  • extra virgin olive oil

Mix the ingredients in a bowl (may need to warm honey wont hurt to warm both) then massage into scalp. Then rinse it out. If you want to lightly condition (I do) after go for it but you can apply on already clean hair and just rinse. The official recipe is below.. there are many more honey recipes and other deep conditioner recipes for curls as well.


Honey Fanatic is a website I found that explains honey and all its benefits. Heres the link to her honey conditioning recipe for all hair types

  •  http://honeyfanatic.com/honey-facts/honey-good-hair/

The website also covers honey masks to improve the skin

Honey can be found at the dollar tree and every grocery store. I recommend getting the cheapest brand. Some dollar trees also have extra virgin olive oil. I have used regular olive oil it before but extra virgin is the purest form.


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