Yummy in your tummy

Being busy can sometimes get in the way of being healthy and making time to make sure we eat a nutritious meal. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day but the others are pretty important too.

Eating healthy can be fun I will give you guys a breakfast, lunch and dinner option I found on Instagram. All credit goes to a beauty named Dawn Archer. Her Instagram is @estellearcher (type in name only). She gives fitness and inspiration tips but doesn’t operate under such strict rules that may intimidate a beginner.

Dawn1 Dawn2

Breakfast: egg muffins

egg muffins Essential ingredients:

Optional ingredients (pictured):

low sodium ham

reduced fat cheese

Mrs. Dash roasted tomato basil flavor

fresh spinach

* feel free to substitute any ingredients for something else you like regarding produce or protein just make sure it wont spoil and can be baked

Directions according to @dawnestelle:

1. Drop ham into non-stick pan

2. Drop reduced fat cheese

3.  Sprinkle mrs. dash

4. Drop fresh spinach

5. Pour mixed egg whites (1 yolk for ever 3 egg whites & repeat)

6. Bake on 410 degrees for about 20 minutes or until little brown on top

She eats 2-3 reheating in the microwave 20-30 secs

Lunch: Turkey wrap

lunch wrapIngredients:



cream cheese



*feel free to substitute anything you want instead of cream cheese honey mustard, low sodium ham instead of turkey, roman lettuce in place of spinach, etc. just be healthy with choices

Directions (following the picture)

1. Get tortilla

2. Spread a serving of cream cheese

3. Add turkey

4. Place cheese on top of tukey

5. Add spinach

6. Roll and enjoy

Dinner: Lettuce Taco

lettuce tacoIngredients

ground turkey

taco seasoning

lettuce leafs

optional ingredients


sour cream




1. Cook ground turkey with taco seasoning

2. Select best looking lettuce leaf

3. Drop in turkey and prepare as normal

If you want more recipes I encourage you to check out Dawns website http://www.dawn-archer.com

All of her contact information is on her website but since I already gave you her Instagram handle her youtube channel can be found at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2cARjVLwo55Tc3-SGFboJw


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