fall in love with fall

Fall brings cool air, warm treats and beautiful colors all around in nature. It gives you a break from the summer heat without frosting your toes just yet.

Pumpkins are a staple for fall and can be used for many different things. Near Halloween we use them for decoration as jack-o-laterns. That involves carving and scraping the insides out but recently people have been finding new ways to decorate them with less mess.


You can paint them and make them colorful to still keep a colorful fall. Directions for these designs can be found on Funky Time blog. Jack-o-lanterns don’t have to be scary.  More ideas are featured on ivillage.com and HomeGoods

Cooking with pumpkins can also be fun. Want to make some cupcakes that will leave your home spelling like fall. Try this pumpkin cupcake recipe found on Food Network


Starbucks and many other coffee and shops have an array of pumpkin flavored drinks but no need to pay $6 dollars or more. Make one anytime you want with the pumpkin pie shake on My Recipe


Apples are also popular for fall. Oh, Bite It puts a twist on the traditional apple pie by making apple pie cookies. Another sweet alternative is Apple dumplings made easy with crescent rolls featured on Our Best Bites


apple dumplings


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