About Me


The Piggy Bank is here to help provide tips on how to save money.  I will share different Do It Yourself projects, recipes, beauty and thrift clothing ideas that college and post college students will enjoy. The Piggy Bank can be your one stop shop for saving money tips without you having to switch from blog to blog or video to video. I will try to cover anything interesting I find. Who says Moms and extreme couponers are the only ones who know how to save money.

A little about Me:

My name is Charisse Stevens. I am from North Carolina and went to Undergrad at East Carolina University. I am currently attending Florida State University getting my Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications focusing on Digital Marketing. I have been frugal since a young age and love doing crafts. When I went to undergrad I took pride in the fact that I found ways to save money so that I didn’t have to ask my parents for any (most of the time). After awhile saving money was a bonus I just liked creating unique ways of doing things or things in general. Hopefully my posts inspire you. I am no where near the most trendy person but Id like to think I have a classic and eclectic style. I just like having fun and helping people save money.



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