With midterms, work or just life getting stressed out is easy. Decompressing is the hard part. Here are a few remedies Ive found that can make even the worst day better.

coffee candle

Coffee Beans and Tea Lights

Like the smell of coffee? The ingredients needed for this coffee candle are

  • small bowl
  • coffee beans
  • tea light candle

Pour the coffee beans in the small bowl, next insert the tea light in the coffee beans light the candle. The warmth from the candle will warm the beans and give off the smell.

Listerine Pedicure

Sometimes paying for a pedicure isn’t in the budget or you simply don’t have the time. There are home pedicure kits in dollar tree pedicureand most stores but to really get your feet free of the dead skin try this recipe

  • listerine
  • vinegar
  • warm water

All recipes Ive found say mix 1/2 cup listerine, 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup warm water (1 cup in Naturally Nourishing recipe) , soak 10 minutes then scrub and dry off. If you don’t think there is enough liquid to get an effective pedicure double the ingredients and experiment.

Bath Salts


Taking a hot relaxing bath is the cure to any weekday blues. Just add in some home made bath salts to enjoy the soak and transport you to another place. To make any scent the base ingredients are

  • mineral and sea salt
  • oil

Kristanlynn.com features an easy recipe using extract  instead of oil but depending on the scent you want to make you can use either. By mixing the oil and salts the scent will be absorbed. The easy instructions from above also indicate food coloring can be used to change the appearance of the salts.

Face masks

Dear Crissy has recipes for 10 face masks that can be made from homemade ingredients for different skin types.



Pooh Bear isnt the only one who likes honey

Curly top

I have curly hair. I am natural (no perm or chemicals to make my hair straight) and have only been for almost 2 years. October 12, 2012 I cut all my straight hair off and started learning how to deal with my hair again after having processed my hair for 12 years to make it straight. In the quest to try new things I came across several hydrating techniques for curly and wavy hair. Honey!!!

Yes the stuff you put in tea, it’s in some brands of candy corn (yummy) and bees go crazy for it!!


MY favorite deep conditioner to hydrate my curls is simply a variation of this recipe I found months back. I dont measure I just gage how much I think I need then if its not enough add more. Apply to clean damp hair. All you need is

  • honey
  • extra virgin olive oil

Mix the ingredients in a bowl (may need to warm honey wont hurt to warm both) then massage into scalp. Then rinse it out. If you want to lightly condition (I do) after go for it but you can apply on already clean hair and just rinse. The official recipe is below.. there are many more honey recipes and other deep conditioner recipes for curls as well.


Honey Fanatic is a website I found that explains honey and all its benefits. Heres the link to her honey conditioning recipe for all hair types

  •  http://honeyfanatic.com/honey-facts/honey-good-hair/

The website also covers honey masks to improve the skin

Honey can be found at the dollar tree and every grocery store. I recommend getting the cheapest brand. Some dollar trees also have extra virgin olive oil. I have used regular olive oil it before but extra virgin is the purest form.