Halloween Costumes

Halloween was one of the best holidays when we were younger, then we hit a stage where we felt to old to dress up, then we got to college and decided it was okay again. Costumes can be expensive whether you buy them from the store or online. Online costumes can risk the chance of not fitting or arriving on time then your left with out one. If you get creative you can most definitely save money and be original.

Here are some costumes that don’t cost a lot to make and you probably wont see duplicated very much.


Kelley (undergrad classmate) is featured as a gift for Halloween. What you will need is

  • gift bag
  • tissue paper

optional item is ribbon (featured on head). The whole costume could be done for under $20.

Angel & pebbles

Above is Me ( angel)  & a friend Pariss (Pebbles from the Flintstones) our freshmen year on Halloween night. I made my Angel costume around a white dress I had bought on sale during the summer. What you would need for any angel would just be

  • wings
  • ¬†halo out of pipe cleaners

Wings will be the most expensive part of the costume. You can be an innocent angel, bad angel (wear black and red) or Victoria Secret angel ( some version of lingerie)

Pebbles requires

  • Any type of cheetah print shirt or dress
  • Bone (for hair)

It doesn’t have alot of compartments to but the high pony tail and bone usually gives it away.

3 blind mice

The blind mice costume can be achieved with

  • mouse ears
  • bow tie
  • black or gray attire
  • sun glasses
  • walking sticks or cane (both can be made; Michaels have long wooden sticks that can be wrapped in duct tape)

More ideas are below with links to the blogs I found them on. Happy Halloween


rock paper scissor