Beginners guide to thrifting

Thrift store shopping has become popular recently. No longer are thrift stores associated with your grandmas closet full of things you would never wear or reject clothes people drop off because they’re beyond ugly. For beginners it can be over whelming to start thrifting because you walk in and see junk. I found a video that broke how to thrift into simple steps just to get started.


larger cities will have larger variety of items because they are being donated by different types of people. If you don’t live in a big city you can still find good places and not rely just on chains by simply exploring hidden shops associated with hospice, hospitals or mission thrift stores.


Don’t be self-conscious about the size of an item. Look through everything close to your normal size because something may be stretchy or slightly baggy but still fit and look nice. Small alterations can also be made to make things fit like you want later.


Avoid knock offs / cheap made items

Cheap materials don’t last long. If you want longevity of your items them try to make sure they have a decent feel to them or that you’re at least getting a deal for what you’re buying. Buying a fake brand that may be in style now can also be a bad idea if it goes out of style and then you have an item you no longer want because you moved on to the next trend.


Women can wear men clothes

Some of the best finds may be in the men’s  section. Those graphic t-shirts or simple t-shirts from different schools, sports or events will most likely be in the men’s department. Over sized sweaters and boyfriend jeans (regular men jeans) are also items you can easily find along with sweat shirts and hoodies.

Know their promotions

Different businesses carry promotions for certain days, ages of customers or on special items. Knowing what sales are relevant to what your looking for can help you get items even cheaper.

Shoes & belts

If you think your interested in shoes bring a pair of socks so you don’t feel uncomfortable trying on used shoes. Belts are items that if they made it to the thrift store in decent condition they probably are made of strong material and will uphold for you for a long time.


There are so many videos on YouTube about how to make shorts from pants, cut shirts, basically how to alter anything so if you know what you want but cant find it you can probably make something similar with what you can find.

The video that inspired this post it on our YouTube playlist  titled Thrifting 101