Recycle summer wardrobe to fall chic

Just because it is getting cooler doesn’t mean that you have to tuck away those summer favorites. Fall is the perfect time to layer those summer staples with fall items transforming them to different outfit and saving money on not buying more clothes.

Blazer & Jackets

womens blazer men blazer

Layering your favorite t-shirt, dress or tank top with a blazer or jacket can give it a polished look while keeping you warm from the autumn wind. Above it also balances the pants to make them look light in color and weight. Lighter clothes are usually worn in the summer because of the heat. Check out my  pin board with more looks


If its not quite cold enough for a jacket layering with a cardigan can be an alternate option. Cardigans also dress up most outfits making them business casual for the office or presentations. Accenting a colored cardigan with your jeans, trousers or skirt is the perfect fall attire from the class room to work or dinner with friends. Heres my cardigan pin board


Pairing any outfit with a scarf, hat or boots can transform it from summer to fall. Women can wear tights with any skirt or dress making it season appropriate. Transforming from sandals and tennis shoes to boots, loafers and flats. Here’s the accessories pin board
So before you run out to buy more clothes remix what you have to make it appear to be a whole different outfit and save some money for the colder winter months.